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Handmade log houses and saunas of high quality

Popular projects

House from logs О-2

Проект О-2

The total area: 111,6 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

House from logs БН-18

Проект БН-18

The total area: 118,3 m2
Cost: 1 150 000 rub.

House from logs Об-89

Проект Об-89

The total area: 108 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

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The company «MELNITSA» continues to take orders for log cabins log homes and baths in 2017.


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Construction technology Blockhouses

Production process

Before you start building a house need to determine the conceptual design and working drawings, that precisely define the main dimensions and appearance of the building. After that we can not build a foundation of fear of uncertainty and simultaneously buy wood for construction.

To achieve the desired quality log cabins must first be made on-site and then assemble the finished basement. And here is based framework - is counting on first and put up the accountant's crown.

The important point is picking and "the cutting" timber. Picking is required to comply with the proportions of carcass and achievements elegance, and helps to distribute the cutting right "pieces" and save on material.

Putting the first crowns the accountant

Manual cutting is "antique", ie without a single nail. The logs are tightly fitted to each other and pererubayutsya in cups. The slots must be a minimum width of 14 cm, as it affects the thermal insulation of walls chopped house.

in the logs is vertical drunk to relieve tension and prevent horizontal cracks in the Drying of the framework. Along with the deckhouse made ??doors and windows. At the ends of the openings are made vertical cuts, which inserted into the cranial fixation bars for mezhokonnyh logs.

Quite often made ??minced gable, a natural extension of walls. This design allows the use of slegovuyu the roof. All the hidden surfaces are subject to mandatory log presepvation.

Mounting the roof truss system and chopped gables

After graduating from cutting all the logs are marked (tagged) frame disassembled and transported to the customer site for assembly.

During assembly installed nagili for additional fastening logs, which gives log more monolithic. Next, the logs are stacked in a special heater. The ends of the walls are processed and, if desired Rounding. To lay the floor and the ceiling set in the walls of the grooves saws.

  - Windows, doors, sanding,

log walls do not require additional home interior and exterior, as they fully satisfy the thermal and aesthetic characteristics. It is also possible to place poles, decorative zatesy make a joiner product and cause carved ornaments.

In most cases the log houses not sheathed, as tree has its natural beauty and has done an excellent their thermal features.

The company «MELNITSA» is engaged in manufacturing log cabins wooden houses handmade good quality in Karelia.