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Handmade log houses and saunas of high quality

Popular projects

House from logs -2


The total area: 111,6 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

House from logs -18


The total area: 118,3 m2
Cost: 1 150 000 rub.

House from logs -89


The total area: 108 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

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The company MELNITSA continues to take orders for log cabins log homes and baths in 2017.


Phone: +7 (921) 459-18-15
E-mail: melnitsa.karelia@mail.ru

Prices for log houses and saunas

The main pricing factors are the cost of materials and cost of manufacturing.

Calculating the cost of work on the fabrication and installation of log structures, including materials produced individually for each project. It depends on the number of interior walls, log diameter, height and complexity of the log structure.

  • production (manual cutting) log cabins houses, bathson individual projects on-site, including the material: from 8500 rub/m3
  • cost of installation log to the finished basement, from 2500 rub/m3
  • manufacturing cost of the roof from 800 rub/m2

The final price of work may be increased or decreased, depending on the project.

To determine the cost of the work we need to get acquainted with your project. You can send it to us; using the mail melnitsa.karelia@mail.ru, or by calling +7 (921)459-18-15 from 8:00 to 20:00 daily.

The company MELNITSA is engaged in manufacturing log cabins wooden houses handmade good quality in Karelia.