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Handmade log houses and saunas of high quality

Popular projects

House from logs -2


The total area: 111,6 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

House from logs -18


The total area: 118,3 m2
Cost: 1 150 000 rub.

House from logs -89


The total area: 108 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

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The company MELNITSA continues to take orders for log cabins log homes and baths in 2017.


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Handmade log constructions

The company Melnitsa is founded in 2003 in Petrozavodsk the capital of Karelia.

Factually the majority of people live in cities. But who did not think of an alternative to a noisy, dirty city, where we are surrounded by glass, concrete and plastic? Probably, many people thought of it... And what can I do if work, study and leisure are inextricably linked to the metropolis, not allowing to relax, to unwind and to recharge your batteries? After all, a person feels calm and harmony with nature only in a log house. So why are the wooden houses from logs such wonderful? The answer is simple — the alive wood, the ecological relationship and the positive energy give strength, courage and good humor.

You can apply to the timbered houses variety of stylistic solutions without any cost to design and redevelopment, so the wooden house is so relevant in our time.

There are the main advantages of the log houses construction:

  • Creating of a healthy internal microclimate
  • Excellent insulation qualities
  • Foreign aesthetics of the house
  • Support of humidity inside the house at the optimal level for people
  • Durability
  • Lower cost the brick ones
  • Giving of strength, vigor and vitality


The company MELNITSA is engaged in manufacturing log cabins wooden houses handmade good quality in Karelia.