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Handmade log houses and saunas of high quality

Popular projects

House from logs О-2

Проект О-2

The total area: 111,6 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

House from logs БН-18

Проект БН-18

The total area: 118,3 m2
Cost: 1 150 000 rub.

House from logs Об-89

Проект Об-89

The total area: 108 m2
Cost: 1 050 000 rub.

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The company «MELNITSA» continues to take orders for log cabins log homes and baths in 2017.


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Our company uses to build homes selective chopped pine and spruce, harvested mostly in winter or early spring.

Roundwood or roundwood is an excellent material, in whole meet the aesthetic, environmental and thermal demands.

When selecting logs are preferred softwood. they have long straight stems, and resistance to decay and looks great. In most cases, choose pine or spruce, which on the right are the leaders due to the attractiveness, moderate tar and low price.

Typically used log diameter in the range from 24 to 40 cm and the thicker the wood, the better its aesthetic and insulating qualities. On the other hand a thick forest is much more expensive, so the choice of the log diameter depends on the climatic conditions of the customer's request to use thin wood paneling, followed by or without fat follow-up cladding, and the financial capacity of the customer.

Typically, forest roundwood harvested in the winter. Made from a material at home rugged and durable.

Это заготовка леса

Cut down the forest to DROP with an ax (for the thick crust) and hand scraper. as a rule after the initial debarking the logs on the surface remain small areas of the bast, which, after drying dark. they are eliminated debarking or after the second finishing grinding. You may want to keep a log of this, almost "untouched", but bast most susceptible to rotting and it is therefore recommended not to leave. Females smoothed planed to a finished state.

Next, the logs completely soaked with antiseptic to prevent putrefaction and unwanted change in color. Using special tools, you can add necessary shade tree. All wood is ready for construction!

The company «MELNITSA» is engaged in manufacturing log cabins wooden houses handmade good quality in Karelia.